Welcome to Devin's Destiny

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting homeless children throughout Central Oregon.  Each year 1100+ homeless children have no days of celebration or days of simple childlike pleasures. Here at Devin's Destiny we are dedicated to changing that. We can do it with your help. Each child deserves and needs to have one day of recognition and celebration during the year.  
Using your donations to change the lives of homeless children one day at a time.
We invite you to read Devin's Story to see how one individual can make a difference in the lives of others.


Devin's Story...

A definition of Passion is a “desire or devotion to a concept or activity.”  To those that knew Devin – he was the definition of passion.  He looked upon others with a sense of caring and compassion unmatched by most.  When he saw people in pain – he hurt; when others were lonely – he went to them; when they were in need – he gave.  In his 23 years of life he was always giving – never taking.  Whether it was the food from his plate or the shoes from his feet – he gave and gave.

To learn what it was like to be hungry – he went without food.  To experience the loneliness of having no shelter – he slept in the street.  He was not satisfied with theory – he needed to experience.  He didn’t look at these experiences as a sacrifice – they were his entry to a world too few can appreciate.

He had a special place in his heart for children.  He believed we all have a responsibility to care for the children within our communities, whatever the cost.  It is with this passion Devin’s Destiny was founded on April 7, 2010.  Though he is greatly missed by all that knew him – the world is a better place because of how much he cared.